Bronx was an Amiga and Commodore 64 demo group, formed in September of 1990 as a merger of the group Zombie Boys - initially under the name Cyclotron. Founded by turbo & vigo.

Bronx sign logo


Bronx has had more than 120 members from 13 different countries over the time. Detailed information can be found here.

Known members are: abuze, aomeba, astron, avatar, bacteria, barbarian, beast, bird, black, blackdeath, blackjack, bodys, brego, captain trips, cerebroid, codian, crazy, cruel, cyanide, darklord, dize, dj jones, double r, dr.Mantrix, dragon, eugene, expert, fermix, fredius darde, gart, ghost, gnostic, gobus, goose, helloween, holigan, hunter, hyper, irokos, ivory, jason, jmc, kickman, lw3d, lydian, malice, maverick, max, mazz, mcclain, megatonn, menace, mephisto, mfk, michael arvanitis, micro, minatour, mix, move, mrr, mutant, nantco, natilius, nemesis, obituary, pandaco, penny, pentegram, pixel, psychopatch, randy (dot), razor, sacred, sam, scoundrel, shakesbeer, sirius, sjc, snooze, spaztica, spellbound, starlight, swat, taylor, the, tony stuvo aki, truse, victory, volunteer, vortex, witty, xc8, xele, zanu, zorlac

EX members are (thank you old friends!): ace, aegis, aspasya, babyface, beef, bloody, datura, endo, exodus, evilman, hades, hydrogen, lryiu, mad, master, matahari, metallic, prince, scotch, shadow, skate, smile, spectre, reanimator, remix, rattlehead, teod, tuareg

Countries are: Turkey, Australia, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Spain and USA

What We Did ?

We are 30+ years old and we did many kool things:

  • Intros, demos, megademos, trackmos
  • Mini games, game-tros on Amiga
  • Production grade games on Amiga
  • Music disks, graphics disks, slide-shows
  • Disk mags, pack-mags, intro-packs, azki collections
  • Paper mags, votesheets, mini-books
  • Mini tools, utils, bbs utils, model tools
  • Demo parties, meetings, small gatherings
  • Swap, spread, release, import
  • BBS’s all over the globe!
  • Produced many bytes on C64 Amiga
  • Produced few bytes on PC GBA PSP macOS

YouTube C64

YouTube Amiga